web-developmentIn the business world, people judge your business on the quality of your website. In most cases, people equate a good website with a good company that delivers quality products or services.
And vice-versa.
Don’t fight it. It’s just how things are these days.
So unless you want to drive away prospective customers, clients or patients you need to have a well-designed, modern-looking website.

Only problem is that building a website from scratch or redesigning an outdated website is a bit like writing a term paper. If it’s something you don’t do everyday, you can spend hours staring at a blank screen, frozen with writer’s block wondering where to begin.

What is the most amateur move to do in web development?

In my opinion, based on 10+ years of experience interviewing and collaborating with real programmers as well wannabes, it would be the following distinction.

“It seems to work properly” = “It does work properly”
vs“It seems to work properly” = “It might be a special case where the error doesn’t show”

It’s especially apparent in web development because so much is so visual. I had a student once who was very proud over his CSS and HTML structure. Then I resized the browser window and everything went poof. He fixed that to the day after and everything looked good again. Until I set the size of the window back to the original width…


The first one was a quite rookie move. The second was an epic rookie move.
He never corrected it nor learned how to do it properly. In fact, he yelled at me, called me some names, spoke about my mom’s profession and suggested that I should do erotic things to my lower back area. Later on, he wanted me to vouch for him as a reference at a job interview. Now that is the most amateur move.


So you just learnt to code. You’re eager and anyone who can’t code thinks you’re a genius, word gets out and all of a sudden every guy you meet wants you to build him a website. Most of them want a freebie but some guys are willing to pay. (encouraging) they are the ones that gives you the confident to do more.

WEB_DEVELOPMENT_CODINGWhat I am about to tell you is not probably a secret. There is no silver bullet to making money as a Web Developer. The advice I am about to give you seems basic and it is, most of it is pure common sense but it is absolutely essential to any one starting out in the world of selling websites (or coding them) for money.

Nothing Is Simple – Always under promise and over deliver
Know Your Skills and let your client know about it (remember to always tell them the truth)
Be clear about what they
Learn to use the best tool for the job
To your client you are more than a developer -Whether they admit it or not if you’re dealing with a client you are their internet stock broker


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