Hello bloggers?

I highly welcome to my new edition of my review on how to get more traffic to your blog,
I hope by the end of this review you will acquire a little knowledge on how to get traffic to your site,

I always get a lot if emails all the time regarding on questions about blogging, traffic and everything you can think of so I have decided to write a little review on the issue and this will be a key word segment and I will allow you guys to put your comment bellow regarding the issue and perhaps I will answer it in the upcoming review so this first question came from tony he said ‘I just found your blog after discovering that my two blog are not getting traffic at all I might eventually change something or prehab’s google just ignores me for some reason’
I want to address this question because getting new site notice on google is not as simple making a blog and just hoping
that it gets ranked in search engines, the best thing to do is to put in work to rank your blog in search engines and
to get traffic you cannot just publish something and expect traffic to come to you, it is not how it works, blogging is a
tenor of works in it needs a lot of time a dedication so am going to share with you a couple of ways you can get more
traffic to your blog and maybe increases your search engines ranking and the process is.


First of all you have to make sure that you are creating content that anyone can share,
sharing is one of the most important thing that now a days in 2017 moving on the 2018
that you can do rank yourself in search engines it’s not all about keywords anymore you
think it helps but not how it is anymore because things are very different now than they
were five ten years ago so you really needs to be creating content that people can share,
so how do you create content that people can share. First of all you can create a post
that can solve problems for somebody or using your experience to explain something.



PINTEREST: you can check Pinterest cause  Pinterest is a huge sharing site to see what other people are sharing and see what kind of post that has a lot of pen or traffic and a lot of stuff so make sure whatever you are sharing is appropriate to your blog is you
don’t want to drift away from the whole topic of your actual blog.


So once you’ve create that content that people can share you also have to help
share that content yourself on social media website. You do not have sign up to every single
social media network I do suggest you try them out to know what one works best for you
and for you blog. You can also join twitter chat if you chattily trending topics in the
cyber of twitter you can say different hash tag and staff and a lot of times does are
trending conversations or chat you can join in with that you can get and also get people
who are also in that conversation to have an interaction with you and with them and
it’s just a nice way to get to know people on twitter and another thing you can do in
the social media world is to join communities or groups, Facebook have groups for
bloggers and google plus has communities which you should definitely check out because a
lot of time I will post something and I will also share with does in particular
communities that am part of example bitcoin community so I will share my bitcoin post
with them as well so that is an extra bit of traffic for you just from my community
alone. And another thing you can do is to make sure you visit other blogs and make
yourself kind of known like interacting.

the comment section and leaving deferent comment in some of your favorite
blogs and will always help you get notice by that blogger and also helps other commenters
to become aware of your blog but I suggest with caution do not get spemi in the
conversation because it’s not all about you’ve supposed to become an everyday persons
post so leave a genuine comment as if you actually read the article and leave your
comment and at the very bottom leave them all to your blog and this is another simple
way you can get an extra traffic, and other commenter do check out different blogs that
have left links. so that is definitely something I recommend.


thanks for reading…







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