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May Day


May Day

Is such a sway.

The rains are not far away

But children calls in for the rains.

The bans and pans makes a fain,

A sound they make at the beginning of the rains.


School children prefer it in the mornings,

Almost all workers prefer it in the day.

But never the weekends,

Who doesn’t want the week to end?

With May rains in the mornings,

No work or school is effective that day.      


It’s all exciting

Umbrellas, pull overs, overcoats, becomes a thing for all

The fields are green for pasture

Marriage couples love this time

Bachelors and spinsters coils in their blankets


It’s time for crops

A perfect time for cultivating

At least the farmers enjoy this time

Things are expensive in the markets


Falling trees, crops and stalls needs some props

Work becomes less effective

May rains is the causative

The wind it blows makes it memorable

The weather becomes chilled and unfavourable


But I love may rains

Because it always brings in these things to recall

It exhibits and show nature

But sometimes it leaves us with some pains

By Prince-Afari



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