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More cries in the night

Cos we’ve all lost the light

They cry their hearts out

But we pretend not to hear


All is afraid

Making all turn deaf ears

But they kept giving deafening shouts

It continuous like they have been parade


We made our leaders our gods

Depend on them like lords

People get worse

Cos they always make matters worse


We couldn’t depend on religion

Cos most leaders in those were doing the same

We call HIM unfaithful

But we have been ungrateful


Who are you to speak?

When they embezzle funds to the peak

We poach our own

We leave more to die in hunger


This is a plea in eager

Come and destroy this world and everything it contains

Cos we are not ready to deter from our sins

And create an obedient species of your own

By Prince Afari-Antwi


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