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I traveled around the world

To observe how best the youth are utilizing their talents and dreams

However, I found something in particular

A great barrier restricted them


Back in my home country, it was much tight

Cutting of all students who don’t meet it

Making their life miserable and undeterminable

Leaving them to do things, they never dreamt of


The dreams they plan on their jiggling blood sucking slabs at high schools

All becomes a waste if they do not meet the cut-off points

Well their destinies now lie not in their hands alone

But in their examiners and more importantly the brutalise called cut-off point


However, if you do not get an entry come and pay fees

Making the rich force their children to do stuffs they do not like

Making us lose our great talents that each field should have had

We all do anything, after all the economy out there is also not encouraging


We still dreamt of overcoming our uptown competitors

We envy them and think they have a better and workable system

Yes, they do have.

How do you want to compare yourself to them?

When they nurture talents and develop them right from kindergarten?

By Prince Afari-Antwi


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