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How to Detoxify the Liver (5 Simple Steps)

The liver being the primary Detoxification organ in the body. It is very important to detoxify the liver regularly. And these are the ways to achieve that:

 1. Avoid processed foods and refined sugar.


The best and easiest way to give your liver a break is to avoid any refined sugars and processed foods for a time. These foods contain preservatives, synthetic ingredients and chemicals that can overwhelm your system, making it progressively harder to function properly. Simply eliminating nutrient-devoid foods from your diet will offer your liver immediate relief.

2. Drink Detox Water

Three infused lemon water detox drinks in a row on white background

According to Detoxdiy , drinking Detox water such as lemon water can provide support to the liver and has been shown to reduce inflammation, DNA fragmentation, brain lipid peroxidation, and liver damage.

This natural remedy is a good line of defense against increased reactive oxygen species and free radicals due to the presence of citric acid in lemon juice. Citric acid was associated with antioxidant effects in the liver and brain in doses of 1-2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight.

3. Clean Up Your Home and Environment

clean house

Reduce the amount of toxins you are exposed to in your home and environment. These harsh chemicals quickly make their way into our bodies and needs to be filtered out by our detoxifying organs, including the liver. A clean home leads to a clean liver. So if you are a messy person, you better start cleaning up to save your own self

4. Reduce the chemical load on your skin into the body


Our skin is our body’s largest organ meaning that what you put on your skin goes directly into your body. Try and reduce the amount of skin care products you use. You can buy organic personal care products (here’s a big list of the best) or, better yet, make your own. Check out the natural beauty section for plenty of tips and recipes. And be sure to read the labels of shampoos, soap, cosmetics, lotions and shaving creams to avoid these 12 toxic skincare ingredients.

5. fruit fast


This is my favourite step, just taking a fruit diet for some couple of days or weeks to revitalize and detoxify the whole body. It might seem easy but it is a lot harder to people who eat heavily. Drinking water alongside to support is permitted. Beginners can start slowly with fruit fasting once a week. But if you are in to reduce some serious weight and heal the body by detoxification then you can do an intensive fruit fast.


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