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Is Malaria caused by Filth in the liver?

So as we all know, Malaria is caused by a parasite called the Plasodium, which is a parasitic infection spread by the Anopheles mosquito. And anti-malarial medicines  are normally used to treat it.


But a Ghanaian Naturopathic Doctor named, Dr. Emmanuel Kwame Asenso, says the cause of malaria is not the Plasmodium but rather the filth in the liver according to his theory.

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He said his theory has been tried and tested with a natural Detoxification programme which has been of help to many victims of malaria.


According to the Doctor, the filth may enter the body and subsequently the liver through the eating of processed foods loaded with synthetic preservatives. The general symptoms of malaria which includes headache, nausea, general body weakness, shaking chills and fever are all natural biological attempts by the liver and the body’s immune system to get rid of the filth and the Plasmodia enjoying the filth in the liver.

The malaria parasite, has two main stages in the human body to cause malaria and they are the liver stage and the blood stage. When the Plasmodium  moves from the liver stage to the blood stage, it produces the sypmtoms of malaria.

For the movement to take place, the Plasmodium needed food and that food was filth. According to his research, if the filth and toxins are not removed from the liver, the Plasmodia would continue to feed on it and multiply, resulting in severe malaria.

The naturopathist believes the only way to permanently eliminate malaria from one’s life is through detoxification of the liver. He also believes, a good nutrition, that is the consumption  of vegetables, herbs and greens and a clean lifestyle were primary means of building a strong immune system to ward off diseases.




  1. The editor did not get the picture of the filth very right. This is how the filth is created in the body and then in the liver!. The filth is created in the body through the Multiple Emissions of Systemic Sanitation (M.E.S.S). The filth generated by the normal biologic activities in the body if not properly eliminated settles in the body’s organs. In the case of Malaria, it is the accumulated filth in the liver that causes all the malaria and malaria=like symptoms. (Remember also that all diseases in the human body are caused by filth or poisons or toxins and never by the germs which are only there to consume the filth.) The germs are only a secondary effect of the filth! The MNMP ( Manyanoha Natural Malaria be gone Program) is a Liver Specific detox program which is designed specifically to clean or detox the liver. Anytime you detox the liver for any client or patient with malaria or subjective symptoms of malaria, all the symptoms of malaria disappear! The program works 200% of the time and it is the sure program for the complete eradication of malaria from around the world. The book titled “The Natural Steps for Curing Malaria – Malaria is caused by filth in the liver by Dr Asenso has all the important details! For your own curiosity you are welcome to test the MNMP. In any feverish state, just use the MNMP to detox the liver and see what happens. Hope this helps. Thanks Dr Emmanuel K Asenso ND NP INC DS. Director and Founder for Health Talk Ltd.

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