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DON’T JUDGE THEM (Tales of the African farmer)


 They love the farms

They love the sea

Not because of the serenity

Not because of the tranquility

But it’s all that they see


At the farms

They do their best

The vast land they cultivates

Their harvest is always a pulsate

Their fate lies in the hands of forest


No good interventions

Not even a viable seed to cultivate

The road is bad than worst

A few grown crops well weeded with all their strength they harvest

The little they get they enjoy

The few excess for market rots in their godown


But the MP has promised them

Yes! The promise he kept

The money for their projects he spends

Buy luxuries and enjoy with his family

He actually care less


He comes to the village occasionally

To take snap shots of the bad conditions

Leaves their fate to the NGO’S

Go on big trips and puts the nation in debts


You MP why?

You’ve seen money and have forgotten about your past

You were once like us

We saw a son in you and gave you our votes

Our trust you trampled upon thinking we are ignorant

But we will decide once again in your next tenure of office


You think we are fools

One year to your end of offices

Few projects you try to start

All for your campaigning manifestos

You’ve done this to us for the past 24 years

Not this time Mr. MP we’ve learnt our lessons


By Prince Afari-Antwi



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