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He felt this pain within

So painful it made him thin

He was angry with all

It seems he was under a thrall


He couldn’t control anything

Not even his division

He needed a true remission

From a sin he has already been forgiven


They didn’t want to help

Not because they didn’t have the means to

But everyone was afraid to give a helping hand

Each thinks he can’t afford it all


They were all afraid of what the future holds

This kept them busily working to keep it positive

All their attention was drawn to work

Not even a slight one for any one


He wanted to give up

He wanted to quit

But he couldn’t because of what he believed in

He knew he have something important within him

His family resistance can’t make him vile to lose his destiny


  He moved out for help

He finally found it in one great person

What do you need? He was asked

Like Solomon, he didn’t ask for riches or anything against his perpetuators,

He asked for grace, favour and wisdom


These three most important things saw him through

At last he found the truth

His happiness was in his own hands

No one could take his pains away

Only a lasting faith and trust in his saviour


By Prince Afari-Antwi



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