The 3 main problems with Africa


Africa is a rich continent with a whole lot of resources but you may ask, why the hell is Africa the poorest continent. It is the world’s second largest and second most-populous continent. So you may wonder what the problem is. The 3 main problems with Africa are:

1. High Illiteracy Rate

Even up to today, there are quite a lot of people who are illiterates with no knowledge and skills. Some African households cannot afford basic education for their  children. Although, some governments have supported basic education provision as a government project. But the quality of it is very low, inadequate skilled teachers, classrooms are less and not in good states. More needs to be invested into education to improve its quality.

“The education that Africa needs is one that is skills-based, technologically grounded and globally competitive,” Said Adejumobi, head of the governance and public administration division at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, while speaking to 

Inadequate skills and knowledge cripples the economy as there is no skilled labour to drive the nation.

2. Leaders without Vision(Greedy Leaders)

Africa has the worst leaders as compared to other continents. These Leaders without any good intentions for their countries have crippled Africa into chaos. Though there are a few good ones among the many bad ones, it has become very difficult for Africa to develop since the rate of corruption is very high. They tend to think more about their pockets then the country they are serving. A developing country such a Nigeria, pays it’s legislators more annually, than some other developed countries but Nigeria has bad roads, unstable electricity, bad education system and many other problems you can think of.

For Africa to move forward, these leaders have to come together and start thinking of ways to make Africa a better place and make sure their people are socially and financially secured. This may help prevent Africans from leaving Africa by dangerous means and end up getting killed, just in search of greener pastures in a developed country.

3. Lawlessness

Though there are rules and laws that governs African countries, they are not strictly enforced. This is somehow linked to the high rate of illiteracy among Africans and the greed among the leaders since the leaders themselves are corrupt. Thinking they are above the law, so cannot be touched. Lawlessness has brought a great deal of suffering to Africa, including crime, Filth, sickness, death etc.  For example, a citizen knows it is unlawful to litter the environment but does it anyway because he/she is not enforced not to litter or fined or punished for littering, this continues for sometime and the environment becomes filthy which causes sickness and later death. This continues to happen and the Government does little to nothing about it.

A country that abides by the law becomes a great and a disciplined country. Law must be strictly enforced in Africa to help us to become great and disciplined citizens. Rwanda has done a great job for setting an example by becoming  the country with the cleanliest city in Africa.



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